Mozilla Backup 1.1 Released

Monday October 13th, 2003

Pavel Cvrcek wrote in to tell us that a new stable version of Mozilla Backup is now available. Mozilla Backup is a tool for backing up and restoring Mozilla profiles. Version 1.1 adds support for Mozilla Firebird and Mozilla Thunderbird profiles and also fixes a few bugs.

#13 Re: Problem with Thunderbird / Backup

by Chealer

Sunday November 30th, 2003 11:09 AM

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Hi Olli, you're lucky I need to backup just now, you late replyer :p I got your problem first, after realizing a field was by default empty exporting Thunderbird (unlike Firebird). So I got a similar behavior, you should get around by setting a path for "select the file" :)

I was here hoping to import my Windows settings to linux, but I see I'll have to see at other places :|

Anyway, cheers