Phoenity Online Store Launches

Saturday October 11th, 2003

Lim Chee Aun, creator of the Phoenity themes, writes: "As an effort to support the Mozilla Foundation, a Phoenity Shop has been set up, selling merchandises and stuff with some Phoenity flavours. All profits will be donated to the Mozilla Foundation."

#7 Re: I don't get it.

by jgraham

Sunday October 12th, 2003 3:21 PM

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No you're considered trolling because you're making Ad Hominem attacks rather than making useful comments. Phrases like 'They look like they were all created in Paint Shop Pro in about 10 minutes' and 'I don't like the themes and don't understand why anyone would like them' hardly represent a considered or well argued position. The fact is that many people like the phoenity themes and, if you do not, there is no need to share your bad feeling with the world.