Phoenity Online Store Launches

Saturday October 11th, 2003

Lim Chee Aun, creator of the Phoenity themes, writes: "As an effort to support the Mozilla Foundation, a Phoenity Shop has been set up, selling merchandises and stuff with some Phoenity flavours. All profits will be donated to the Mozilla Foundation."

#14 Re: I don't get it.

by Mark_Watkins <>

Monday October 13th, 2003 2:34 AM

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What is with this bill_brasky guy and his disparaging comments? They look like they were all created in Notepad in about 10 seconds. Does anyone actually read them and like them?

I don't like the posts and don't understand why anyone would like them. If that makes me a troll, so be it.

If I didn't like broccoli and went to a restaurant where almost 33% of the menu was broccoli (as 33% of the posts here are bill_brasky posts), I would make a comment about it. The chef who prepared the broccoli probably wouldn't be offended, but maybe some dick at another table would get all defensive about his precious broccoli.

It also needs to not look like ass. bill_brasky's posts fail in that respect.

Sorry if my opinion is degrading to bill_brasky. I think his comments look bad. He says himself he's not a professional writer and this is just something he does in his free time. So hey, maybe he did make them in 10 seconds in Notepad. That's only an insult if you want to take it that way.