Phoenity Online Store Launches

Saturday October 11th, 2003

Lim Chee Aun, creator of the Phoenity themes, writes: "As an effort to support the Mozilla Foundation, a Phoenity Shop has been set up, selling merchandises and stuff with some Phoenity flavours. All profits will be donated to the Mozilla Foundation."

#13 Bulls**t

by leafdigital

Monday October 13th, 2003 2:14 AM

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Whatever you think of the theme (and I don't like it) he obviously didn't make it in 10 minutes in Paint Shop Pro. It's one of very few moderately properly done themes for Firebird. Most of the rest are much, much worse than Phoenity.

I had a quick look at the page and although I don't like the main Phoenity theme, Phoenity Modern (which looks not much like Phoenity and quite a lot like Modern) looks like the theme I'd use if I switched to Firebird. (If it worked...)