Mozilla Firebird Installer Moves Closer

Wednesday October 8th, 2003

Henrik Gemal wrote in to tell us that an official installer for Mozilla Firebird is getting closer. Today saw a large checkin to mozilla/browser/installer/ from developer Ben Goodger. Like the Mozilla Application Suite installer, the Firebird installer is built upon the XPInstall engine.

#9 Especially important for Mozilla applications

by Anthracks

Thursday October 9th, 2003 6:29 AM

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This is an especially big deal for Mozilla apps, because they throw a fit if an old, incompatible extension or plugin is left behind when installing a new version. There are dozens, if not more, of duplicate bugs in bugzilla that all turn out to be the result of having an old buggy extension lying around the Mozilla folder. Assuming Ben's basing this off the Mozilla installer though, it shouldn't be a problem, because ever since 1.4 it will offer to completely delete the directory.