Mozilla Firebird Installer Moves Closer

Wednesday October 8th, 2003

Henrik Gemal wrote in to tell us that an official installer for Mozilla Firebird is getting closer. Today saw a large checkin to mozilla/browser/installer/ from developer Ben Goodger. Like the Mozilla Application Suite installer, the Firebird installer is built upon the XPInstall engine.

#18 Re: why reinvent the wheel?

by Ben_Goodger

Saturday October 11th, 2003 4:11 PM

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I'm not reinventing anything. I'm basing this installer on the existing Mozilla installer code, precisely because I didn't want to have to write more new code than I had to...

I thought briefly about just using an installer builder like InstallShield or writing one from scratch, but considering the Mozilla install wizard code has the following features: - it's already written, and well tested - it has generation perl scripts that can be used by the build machines to auto generate installers for nightly builds - it does not require that you have the commercial installer builder package to generate the installer - it supports all of the advanced features required to install XPFE apps (xpinstall, etc).

My work in this realm is as follows: - Create new install scripts and package manifests for the Firebird browser. (mozilla/browser/installer/) - Adapt the generation scripts for the next generation apps (mozilla/toolkit/mozapps/installer/) - Adapt the installer FE for the next generation apps and to make it conform to Microsoft's Wizard97 guidelines (mozilla/toolkit/mozapps/installer/windows/wizard/)

At this point I'm only doing an install wizard for Windows. That'll be enough to keep me busy for 0.8 along with my other bug work. I may look into making a MacOS X one during 0.9/0.10 however. I'd like to have one for Linux too, people have said that "RPM is enough" but I've always found RPM management solutions rather clunky and just not as good as a decent installer.