Mozilla Gains Support for Adding and Editing vCards

Tuesday October 7th, 2003

Daniel Wang writes: "Front-end support for vCard was added to Mozilla Messenger (Mail & Newsgroups) on October 5th. A vCard is like a business card attached to your message as a .vcf file. To create your vCard, in Messenger go to Edit | Mail & Newsgroups Accounts Settings. Click on your account. You will see an 'Attach my vCard to messages' check box and an 'Edit Card...' button. Clicking on the button brings you to the Edit Card dialog which looks like an address book card dialog. (Note: the card is not saved to your address book; rather, the information is saved to your preferences file as Each account has its own card. You can check the 'Attach my vCard to messages' option to automatically add your card to your messages. You can also add your card in the mail Compose window via the Options menu.

"Note that a vCard is an attachment, not a text snip added to end of your message like a signature. Also note some mail clients may not recognize vCard. You can put both a signature and a vCard in one message."

#4 exporting from Mozilla/Netscape 7 mab to vcf

by William1964

Thursday August 11th, 2005 9:02 AM

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I'm trying everything to do what I wrote in the subject, because I need the mab exported preserving its distribution lists. LDIF doesn't provide this feature whilst VCF seems to do. How can I export into this format ALL my address book? Thanks, William