New Poll Request

Saturday February 27th, 1999

A new PCWeek article states that many antitrust specialists are now believing that the government will not only win its case against Microsoft, but withstand an appeal as well. What will the remedy be?

Our next poll will be "If you needed to propose a remedy at the end of the Microsoft trial, it would be to ______." This time, however, we're doing the poll a little differently.

We'd like you to submit to us possible answers to the remedy question. We'll take our favorite responses, and use ten of them in the poll. If they require extra explanation, we'll do a little news piece to accompany the poll that explains the choices in detail.

So, for now, what we need from you is this: Send email to with your possible remedy for Microsoft's antitrust violations. It should contain a title, _as short as possible_, that describes the remedy (so it fits in the poll space). It should be followed by a short description of the remedy for clarity.

Your remedy can be as useful or as silly as you like. No rules. If you propose castrating Bill Gates in a public display, it might be illegal, but it may be intriguing enough to make it into the poll.

#31 Force more bundling or software

by Konmaskisin

Wednesday March 3rd, 1999 11:15 PM

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First fine them for all their bad behaviour to date. Then ....

Rather than forcing MS to unbundle IE let them offer it along with source code for free (huge hunks of it are just Mosaic with MFC anyway), make them cease development of COM and WINS (or offer them for free with open source) and make them *bundle* and contribute $$ and resources to free cross platform software like apache, perl, perl/Tk, cygwin/egcs, Mozilla, and heh why not a free version of Win32/XFree86. Since IE Mozilla, apache and perl/TK (a replacement for VBasic? ;-) are free the price of the OS should then be reduced.

If they had to do this then they might *grow up* and act like a mature industry player. I mean they are *still* using anti-competitive tactics and trying to crush the competition in home PC sales even though they have 90% of the market. And they continue to *lie* blatantly about NT's capabilities as a server and to refuse to acknowledge the value they have gained by using open public protocols (i.e. university research) and free software (like IE the other grandchild of Mosaic).

Umm and after all it was free software that gave them their recent over the top boost too. If the internet hadn't come along does anywone think that buying a home PC would be as interesting as it is today? Microsoft should give back too.

If they give some complete bullshit complaint about being "unable to support this software" triple the fine and confiscate Bill's house and send their manager's on reeducation courses. Umm how do they think perl gets "supported" now?

Make them POSIXize themselves (just because).

Make them reduce the price of their OS to 39$ (as above)

Make *them* do the work of developing and implementing a *standard* (have they ever done this before) let's say a document format based on SGML/XML (it is possible witness W3C's work). Then after feedback from industry have them puiblish it and force them to respect it. Presto no more bullshit "competitive edge" based solely on proprietary document format.

Make them develop, support a current standard or release a non-proprietary sound & multi-media file format.

Forbid false advertising FUD and vapourware (it's illegal in other industries why not IT?)

Fine them 10 million dollars everytime they lie about NT5.0 in order to get people to buy NT4.0.