New Poll Request

Saturday February 27th, 1999

A new PCWeek article states that many antitrust specialists are now believing that the government will not only win its case against Microsoft, but withstand an appeal as well. What will the remedy be?

Our next poll will be "If you needed to propose a remedy at the end of the Microsoft trial, it would be to ______." This time, however, we're doing the poll a little differently.

We'd like you to submit to us possible answers to the remedy question. We'll take our favorite responses, and use ten of them in the poll. If they require extra explanation, we'll do a little news piece to accompany the poll that explains the choices in detail.

So, for now, what we need from you is this: Send email to with your possible remedy for Microsoft's antitrust violations. It should contain a title, _as short as possible_, that describes the remedy (so it fits in the poll space). It should be followed by a short description of the remedy for clarity.

Your remedy can be as useful or as silly as you like. No rules. If you propose castrating Bill Gates in a public display, it might be illegal, but it may be intriguing enough to make it into the poll.

#28 Re:New Poll Request

by J. Maynard Gelinas <>

Wednesday March 3rd, 1999 11:07 AM

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The DOJ should:

- BAN exclusionary deals with OEMs. Microsoft should be forced to publish their price list for all volume discounts. The court should demand MS sell Windows on a level playing field with all OEMs, no matter what other Operating Systems they sell with Intel based computers.

- Open the Win32 API and all MS protocols with quality documentation (forcing MS to publish source would basically nationalize MS, no way are they going to do that).

- Fine Microsoft. Five to Ten Billion dollars might wake up Bill and convince MS management that they must change their behavior to survive.

- File criminal charges against a few of those Microsoft officials who _clearly_ perjured themselves in court.

These are _reasonable_ proposals which won't use government power to steal (nationalize) Microsoft's intellectual property, and which have a long history of being upheld by the courts in cases of Monopoly abuse. Demanding that MS set consistent prices is not the same as the DOJ _setting_ prices. Forcing MS to document their API publically is _not_ the same as taking their intellectual property (source) and giving it away under an Open Source license... that is government theft of private property. Fining MS for pervasive illegal behavior is perfectly reasonable; happens to corrupt businesses every day. And finally, filing criminal charges of perjury against those who lied in court is not only reasonable, but should be considered _mandatory_.

Regardless of current congressional misconceptions, perjury is still a *CRIME*.