Second Part of Introduction to Mozilla Firebird Series Explains Tabbed Browsing

Friday October 3rd, 2003

Morten W. Petersen writes: "Kay Frode has created another article on Mozilla Firebird, which explains how to use tabs for browsing.

"We've also updated the first article with instructions on how to use the installer. Any comments? Thanks."

#12 Re: Well

by bugs4hj <>

Monday October 6th, 2003 2:24 PM

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"Well, you didn't respond to my valid points about the actual nature of the statement and why your interpretation of it is false."

What valid points? I don't see any valid points? LEts get back to your prior comment:

"I don't see this as saying that Firebird was the first browser with tabs."

Same for me, because I know where they came from.

"Anyways, if you wanted to be technical about it Opera had tabs before Multizilla."

This has nothing to do with being 'technical' but correctly informing people about facts. Also note that it was NetCaptor, and not Opera. Opera uses MDI, but I don't know *if* that has changed over time, but I don't care anyway.

"Also, this is suppose to be an article for new users"

I new users need that info So what? So you want to swamp new users with incorrect information?

"They don't care where tabbed browsing came from especially when you'd have to explain that first it was in Opera then Multizilla then the Mozilla Suite then Camino then Firebird."

Who are you, or anybody else to judge for them? Also note that your 'information' is incorrect. Again, it was Netcaptor, not Opera or MultiZilla.

"All teh author is saying is that they introduced this feature into Firebird. It doesn't say they invented it."

Heh? Are you stupid or just acting stupid? First of all, I didn't say a word about inventing tabs, where did this came from? Stick to the facts.

"they introduced this feature into Firebird"

Ha, mozilla Firebird 'introduced' a feature that's available in several other browser and add-ons for a long time. What a great 'introduction'.

Btw, here's a link to the dictionary: <http://dictionary.referen…>

Do you seriously consider this information: <…ntroduction_to_firebird_2> to be correct, complete and usefull for new users? To limited in my point of view.

Lets take a very simple example: "How do you close tabs?" All I see is a way to open tabs.

note: tabbed browsing is already part of the mozilla help files!

It is good to see a lot of action, forums, new extensions and themes but it is and will always be just another mozilla based browser.