Mike Pinkerton Proposes Changes to Camino Code Review Process

Friday October 3rd, 2003

Camino project lead Mike Pinkerton has outlined some proposals for kickstarting the development of the Mozilla-based Mac OS X browser, which has stalled in recent months. At the moment, Mike personally reviews every single Camino patch, a strategy that is no longer practical now that he cannot work on the browser full time. This has made him somewhat of a bottleneck in the development process and caused frustration for would-be contributors.

In future, Mike proposes, each patch should receive two peer reviews from members of the community before being super-reviewed by Mike himself. Any developer will be able to provide one of the peer reviews, as long as he or she knows Cocoa, the native Mac OS X application environment. These changes should free Mike up from having to personally check every line of every patch and encourage more people to contribute to the project.

The two reviews rule will be relaxed as contributors become more familiar with the Camino code and some developers may eventually gain direct checkin access to the Camino directory of the source code repository. However, Mike will reserve the right to veto any patches that he feels are not suitable for the project, in line with the Camino ethos.

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by MozSaidAloha

Saturday October 4th, 2003 8:19 AM

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I hope that Camino does not die....Since Moz F-Bird is getting started on OSX, it seems very weird to use now. Also, I find Camino *faster* on my 900 MhZ G3 iBook than Moz F-Bird or the App Suite. I just hope this works out...