XHTML/CSS Redesign of Home Page

Thursday October 2nd, 2003

MozPhile writes: "In an effort to publicize a new CSS design for, a new mozdev project has been created. Based on the current design, this new one features valid XHTML 1.1 and CSS 2, with semantic HTML. First a fully standards-compliant browser, now a fully standards-compliant website to top it off!" Note that has not made any official statement regarding the design or whether they plan to use it.

#42 Simply look at the browser stats

by johann_p

Friday October 3rd, 2003 2:15 AM

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I think it is only reasonable to support at least those browsers that are still used by, say, one fourth of the number of people that use Mozilla. NS4.x is still among them, Mosaic probably not. But what is more important is that, whatever the browser, the page should show graceful degradation instead of getting completely messed up. should also show how to create a page that is accessible to impaired people. I really do not get the fanatic obsession with CSS and validating HTML/XHTML. These things are there to solve problems, not introduce new ones, but they will introduce new ones if used wrongly.