XHTML/CSS Redesign of Home Page

Thursday October 2nd, 2003

MozPhile writes: "In an effort to publicize a new CSS design for, a new mozdev project has been created. Based on the current design, this new one features valid XHTML 1.1 and CSS 2, with semantic HTML. First a fully standards-compliant browser, now a fully standards-compliant website to top it off!" Note that has not made any official statement regarding the design or whether they plan to use it.

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by leafdigital

Friday October 3rd, 2003 2:08 AM

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I don't have anything against sending XHTML content as application/xhtml, quite the reverse - go for it. Basically that comment is - don't use 1.1, use 1.0.

Also, I do agree that if you are willing to actually convert the content of the page into valid HTML 4 as well as changing the MIME type then fine, go ahead and send XHTML 1.1 if you like. I suppose that's the one exception to my 'ever', I just assumed that nobody would 'ever' go to that trouble.

But for all other cases where you're going to send XHTML content, for gods' sake use XHTML 1.0 because then you're allowed to send it text/html (but you should STILL send it as an XML mimetype to browsers that support it otherwise THERE IS NO POINT and you're just basically sending invalid HTML4).

As for MathML, apart from the fact that nobody really uses it (exaggeration, obviously a few people do, but the vast majority of people using XHTML 1.1 are doing it because they want to feel l33t and not because they need MathML), I'm not sure but can't you use MathML with XHTML 1.0? There may not be a doctype, but I was under the impression that DTDs were not required for XHTML. (As frankly this whole mess of needing a different doctype for each combination of features is a bit of a mess, when said features are already identified by namespaces...)

By the way, this may come across as insulting, but that's just because I find it more amusing to write that way. Of course I also do several of the wrong things I have just insulted :) I have a few XHTML sites (1.0 thankfully) that are always served text/html, because I tried and tried to set up an automatic change based on accept headers but Apache just wasn't having it. (I think I had it working on everything except for index files. Sigh.)