XHTML/CSS Redesign of Home Page

Thursday October 2nd, 2003

MozPhile writes: "In an effort to publicize a new CSS design for, a new mozdev project has been created. Based on the current design, this new one features valid XHTML 1.1 and CSS 2, with semantic HTML. First a fully standards-compliant browser, now a fully standards-compliant website to top it off!" Note that has not made any official statement regarding the design or whether they plan to use it.

#12 Exactly - but do change the pictures

by leafdigital

Thursday October 2nd, 2003 9:23 AM

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I agree, when it says SHOULD NOT that means you ought to have a good reason for doing it. In this case there is no good reason.

Note that, conversely, it is perfectly appropriate to send HTML 4.01 content.

My opinions:

Do not use XHTML 1.1. (At all, ever. That's a general rule. Just don't do it.) It offers no advantages and until browsers support correct MIME types, you are going to have to be breaking the SHOULD NOT and doing something stupid anyhow.

If you wish to use XHTML, use XHTML 1.0, ensure it follows the compatibility guidelines, and ensure it is served as application/xhtml+xml to all browsers that indicate they can accept that type. Serve as text/html only to browsers that don't indicate acceptance.

If you're not willing to go to that trouble then there is absolutely no reason not to write your content as HTML 4.01. Valid HTML 4.01 content now is no less valid, no less standard, and no less appropriate for people who support Web standards than any flavour of XHTML.

Changing the PNGs, however (responsible for most of that 100K saving) is worth doing. 160K is really unnecessarily big.