AOL Lays Off Netscape/Mozilla Transition Team

Wednesday October 1st, 2003

In an expected move, America Online yesterday laid off the last remaining Netscape employees paid to contribute to Mozilla. Although AOL sacked or reassigned most of the Netscape browser division back in July, they agreed to continue employing Asa Dotzler, Brendan Eich and David Baron for a couple of months as part of a transition team to keep things running smoothly as reduces its dependence on AOL. This transition has involved moves such as setting up the non-profit Mozilla Foundation and migrating servers from Netscape hosting to services provided by

AOL has not completely ended its involvement with the Mozilla project yet — the transition is not entirely complete and the online giant has promised to give the Mozilla Foundation $1 million in addition to the $1 million donated so far. All the members of the transition team are expected to be hired by the Mozilla Foundation in the next few weeks.

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by bugs4hj <>

Thursday October 2nd, 2003 10:24 AM

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Thank you for the information, but:

"You seem to imply that AOL made money with Netscape lawsuit and settlement with MS ($450 million)."

No, I don't and that number is just incorrect: <…ness/0,1367,59039,00.html>

Also note this: <…1-218403.html?legacy=cnet>

So they got $500 million worth of hardware for the listprice! Man, that is at least 25% off. Also note that Sun payed over $500 million, and not the $350 because that was the "at least deal" set for. Lets sum up: $1.35 billion dollars, right?

Now, the Netscape brand and Internet sites are still owned by AOL, and that is a huge number. Another issue is the 'stock-for-stock' trade they got in 1998. So tell me, who payed $4.2 billion, AOL? No sir, they didn't pay shit.

And finally, ever heared of the term tax deduction?