Mozilla 1.5 Release Candidate 2 Out

Friday September 26th, 2003

The second release candidate of Mozilla 1.5 is now available for download. This new test build contains around twenty fixes that were not in Release Candidate 1, including a new preference for specifying whether opening a bookmark group should replace the existing tabs or append the new pages to the current set. As usual, builds can be downloaded from the Releases page or direct from Consult the Mozilla 1.5 Release Candidate 2 Release Notes for more information and look out for the final version of Mozilla 1.5 in the first week of October.

#31 Re: Top-posting

by Down8 <>

Wednesday October 1st, 2003 4:32 AM

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Sorry, but I take any post on a forum as a form of a personal gathering, so I would indeed use such language, as I do so with my friends. I realize this may startle some, but I don't talk to my friends coyly, nor will I to you. I do appologize if I actually offended you.

I do agree on the "-- " stripping idea, in either format - leave it so all below can be stripped, or remove it when top-posting is enabled. I'd weight it 60-40 towards leaving it out when top-posting.

You may take top-posting as a personal affront, I consider it a courtesy. Explanation: e-mails are not always answered immediately, as many technocrats expect. So, when I reply to someone, and leave their msg inline, though under my reply, I leave it there for them to be reminded of what they originally sent w/o diggin thru the 'sent' folder. No, I will not go thru and reply to each part in turn. I have friends who do this, and I find it hard to follow, especially with the variances in mail readers and their treatment of such 'mid-posting'. And, I feel like I'm receiving a paper back from a professor, with suggestions in the margins.

Yes, I've sterotyped you as an elitist, but it was to make a point. I'm sick of hearing the evils of top-posting as derived from the ancients of usenet. It's over, catch up. An unflshed-out, but applicable, analogy: cars used to have manual transmissions, now most have automatics. I like driving a manual car, and think everyone should learn that way. This isn't the case, so I must deal with it. Regardless, I believe you can agree that most technophiles use their .sigs inappropriately as a place for whitty quotes and system specs.

Oh, and I agree that MNG should've been left in.