Mozilla 1.5 Release Candidate 2 Out

Friday September 26th, 2003

The second release candidate of Mozilla 1.5 is now available for download. This new test build contains around twenty fixes that were not in Release Candidate 1, including a new preference for specifying whether opening a bookmark group should replace the existing tabs or append the new pages to the current set. As usual, builds can be downloaded from the Releases page or direct from Consult the Mozilla 1.5 Release Candidate 2 Release Notes for more information and look out for the final version of Mozilla 1.5 in the first week of October.

#27 Re: Top-posting

by Asacarny

Monday September 29th, 2003 2:19 PM

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I don't like it, but I could understand why someone else would. For one thing, you get to use your signature as a signature (My mother would put "Kindest Regards" in hers). In addition, your signature always gets seen, as it comes directly after your message. That's how most people view the issue. Of course, then why are you quoting the original message? Someone who likes top posting would probably say for reference purposes.

Yes, there are better ways to do things. Someone in the bug even suggested having a special, additional signature that would be top posted, so you could do the "Kindest Regards" thing without breaking conventions. But that is getting silly. Why don't we just add the top posting option and let the users fuck themselves over with a better e-mail client? Adam