Full Article Attached Mozilla End User Telephone Support Available Soon

Friday September 26th, 2003

In a message to the Mozilla marketing mailing list, Bart Decrem has announced that the Mozilla Foundation will soon begin offering telephone support to end users of Mozilla. The service, which will cost $39.95 per incident, will be provided by DecisionOne, who currently offer telephone and email support for Netscape. The Mozilla Foundation hopes to offer email support soon and is actively looking for an appropriate vendor to partner with.

#6 Re: Re: Who on earth would pay that much?

by marnanel

Friday September 26th, 2003 4:46 PM

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Indeed. There are corporations who won't buy something *unless* they can get a support contract. For these places, this even more than ease of use, standards compliance, security or speed can mean the difference between trying Mozilla and sticking with Explorer.

Besides, as the article says, this is a good first step. Someone else is free to undercut them, and may well do if they see that there's a market here.