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Friday September 26th, 2003

In a message to the Mozilla marketing mailing list, Bart Decrem has announced that the Mozilla Foundation will soon begin offering telephone support to end users of Mozilla. The service, which will cost $39.95 per incident, will be provided by DecisionOne, who currently offer telephone and email support for Netscape. The Mozilla Foundation hopes to offer email support soon and is actively looking for an appropriate vendor to partner with.

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by baj

Tuesday September 30th, 2003 7:21 PM

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I gotta chime in here... Don't get so uptight about it! If you don't wanna pay, DON'T!

Look - if you know how to use it and fix it, don't be upset. I used to do Netscape Tech Support for Decision One and the vast majority of the end users calling us (99.9%) fit into one of three categories:

1) they don't want to read anything to help them fix it, 2) they don't have time to read anything to help them fix it, 3) they were stupid and it wouldn't have done any good to read anything to help them fix it...

As an example we had ZERO Linux tech support calls because Linux users know how to deal with issues... OK? Little old grannies that wanted to keep in touch with the grand-kids at college or people looking for an alternative to the megacorporations running everything are the ones that called us. $39.95 is a small amount to pay when the product itself is free and something is either not working right, or you just don't want to mess with researching it for yourself, or you don't know where to start! The techs don't know everything about the software, but do any of you know everything about Mozilla? If they don't know the answer they'll look for it, but in the end if they help you out, you get charged because it's a service, not a product... If it's something they obviously won't be able to help with right up front, you get a refund. But if it takes 45 minutes to determine your Temp folder was full of garbage and that's the reason you couldn't send email, then yes, they helped you and you get the bill.

And as a last note, companies usually did not call us. It was individuals that wanted help. Netscape users are fiercely loyal to Netscape, and hated both Microsoft and AOL, but they hated Microsoft more so they stuck with Netscape, and indirectly AOL. I would highly recommend telling all those users about the alternative to Netscape - MOZILLA! It doesn't have all the AOL stuff included in the installer so they'll probably love it even more.

Besides, the company that will be supporting it has to charge to pay the grunts on the phones. Don't hate them because they want a job...