Full Article Attached Mozilla End User Telephone Support Available Soon

Friday September 26th, 2003

In a message to the Mozilla marketing mailing list, Bart Decrem has announced that the Mozilla Foundation will soon begin offering telephone support to end users of Mozilla. The service, which will cost $39.95 per incident, will be provided by DecisionOne, who currently offer telephone and email support for Netscape. The Mozilla Foundation hopes to offer email support soon and is actively looking for an appropriate vendor to partner with.

#17 Re: Stock answers?

by rkl

Saturday September 27th, 2003 3:21 AM

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Actually, I think the stock answer will be "thank you for the bug report...[taps away on Bugzilla to search for it]..." followed by either "that problem has already been reported - it's Bugzilla bug #X and if you register on Bugzilla, you can vote for it" or "that problem has been fixed as of <some date> - you can either download a nightly build of Mozilla or wait for the next milestone release of Mozilla which is due in <some rough guess>" or "this is a new bug report, we'll report it to the developers via Bugzilla, thank you" (the $40 would therefore save you having to enter it in Bugzilla yourself).

Of course, if you have the spare time (corporate tech staff probably don't), you can investigate Bugzilla yourself and save $40 - that's the swings and roundabouts of charging users support.