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Wednesday September 24th, 2003

The latest set of status reports includes updates from Image Zoomer, Fast Component, EditCSS, WebLinks, MOJI, Firebird Help, Mozile, Bitflux Editor, Mozedit, jsBEEP, CardGames, Mycroft, QuickNote, NeedleSearch, Quick Reply and Mozex.

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by buff

Thursday September 25th, 2003 9:18 AM

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Okay, I will get the basic navigation commands in Mozedit before the final release of 0.1.1, which is about 3 weeks away. The more complicated key bindings will probably have to wait until 0.1.2. I will have to give some thought about the insert/text navigating mode. I am afraid if it is too much like emacs the Windows users will reject it. Possibly a dual mode with a preference to switch to emacs bindings would be the way to go.