Introduction to Thunderbird Part 8, Introduction to Firebird Part 1

Tuesday September 23rd, 2003

Morten W. Petersen writes: "Kay Frode has created another article introducing new users to Thunderbird, which explains how to create and use newsgroups accounts. Also note that translations of the series are available in French, German and Norwegian. Any comments? Thanks.

"PS: We've started another series introducing new users to Firebird and would like suggestions on what topics to cover."

#2 illegal tradename usage

by bugs4hj <>

Tuesday September 23rd, 2003 2:47 PM

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He is *still* using the wrong name. You are not allowed to use Firebird nor Thunderbird alone, it *must* be use like this: mozillaFirebird and/or mozillaThunderbird. Hey, you might end up into a legal battle one day because of this, which you will lose for sure.

Also, there should be a *HUGE* bumber sticker on the pages about mozillaFirebird and mozillaThunderbird being in fact just another refactorded mozilla browser and a refactored mail/News client. This is *JUST* another mozilla client. You get it?

Ok, the XUL has been changed, not to mention JS/XML and CSS files, but it is *STILL* the same thing, it only looks different!

Is mozilla a bad thing to use? Is it a bad taste to name it mozilla? What is this bullshit?

Remember, again, there wasn't a mozilla[whatever bird] without mozilla at the first place. Sure, in year 2010 it might ;)

Hey, why not make a 'perfect' MSIE skin copy, that might do the trick :D