Full Article Attached RJ Tarpley's Coffee Company Raises Over $400 for the Mozilla Foundation

Saturday September 20th, 2003

Bart Decrem writes in news about the money raised for the Mozilla Foundation by RJ Tarpley's Coffee Company, which began selling a range of Mozilla coffees last month: "Remember the announcement about Mozilla coffees? This project has already raised over $400 for The Mozilla Foundation during the first two weeks of its introduction. Now they're offering 5lbs bags too."

Bart also attached an update from Ron Tarpley, the owner of RJ Tarpley's Coffee Company. Read the full article to find out more.

#18 What I would really like to see "product"-wise

by Qeantk <>

Monday September 22nd, 2003 5:26 PM

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Is somebody (say the Mozilla foundation itself) offering hosting with the mozilla development tools (the ones they created, as well as the third party ones they use) and have the money go towards covering's equipment and bandwidth costs. In six months to a year I might be looking to be setting up cvs/bugzilla/bonsai/tinderbox on a box somewhere and while I could do that myself, I would rather my developers and I spent our time developing than worrying about what the latest stable release of x is and wether we should upgrade on top of the usual domain/network management issues. Hell if it were shared hosting I would consider it sooner, but as I said in 6-12 months I might be looking for a dedicated/managed environment.

If didn't want the headache of farming their boxen out then maybe try for getting rackspace or someone to offer the set-up with support from Mozilla staff in return for some of the profits.

Am I completely off my rocker here, or is this a stupid idea?