Full Article Attached mozdev Celebrates Third Anniversary

Friday September 19th, 2003

Tomorrow, Mozilla project hosting site mozdev will celebrate its third anniversary. Since its launch in 2000, mozdev has provided free hosting to over 400 Mozilla-related projects and now receives over 1 million page views a week. Looking further ahead, the site hopes to become a non-profit organisation with tax-exempt status.

#2 Happy Birthday

by osmosis

Saturday September 20th, 2003 7:28 AM

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I haven't been here long but I sure like what you folks do....have a Happy!

By the way my Firebird browser is suddenly giving me an alert...started last night;

"Error launching browser window: no xbl binding for browser"

Don't have a clue where to go...the browser will not I need to uninstall and install again?

Rod Moses