Mozilla 1.5 Release Candidate 1 Builds Available for Download

Thursday September 18th, 2003

The first release candidate of Mozilla 1.5 is now available for download. Get a build from the Releases page or and check out the Mozilla 1.5 Release Candidate 1 Release Notes for more information, including details of what's new. At least one more release candidate is expected before the final release of Mozilla 1.5.

#25 Common...

by CerthasIM

Friday September 19th, 2003 11:05 AM

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Common is it reallz so much of a hastle to close the other tabs before or after opening the bookmark? Especiallz with the close all other tabs functionality?

The point is quite simply that the new behavior is verz easily incorporated in the old whereas it isn't possible at all the other waz round. We have lost features. Things that people did and did often are now impossible. not annoying, harder to do or slightlz broken, but impossible.