New Music, and IE News

Monday February 22nd, 1999

More music to code by this week - just click the link at right. Also, news that Microsoft has started its "Countdown to Internet Explorer 5". No news on their site regarding IE5 standards compliance; curiously, that's the one enhancement that they really don't address. Will they have a complete CSS1 implementation? My guess: Microsoft is going to play up UI enhancements, downplay standards compliance (because they won't be 100% compliant even with CSS1). When confronted regarding compliance, they will, with spin a dervish would envy, manage to place the blame squarely on Netscape for *IE* not being CSS1 compliant. If you recall, they did just that only four months ago.

#8 Re: New Music, and IE News

by Charles Peyton Taylor <>

Tuesday February 23rd, 1999 3:28 PM

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I hate to defend MS, but they do (or did) have a better record of supporting standards than Netscape, who didn't support CSS until NS 4, and then tried to wrap that up into Java-Script. Also, the LAYER tag was a really bad idea, as was BLINK. And there were all sorts of truly useful things that were forgotten (like using LINK for things other than stylesheets (check out the last version of NCSA Mosaic) or FN (footnotes).) In fact, if, back in the early days of NCSA Mosaic, the IMG tag had been made into a container tag (as was suggested by TBL on the mailing lists) life would have been much, much sweeter. And no, it wasn't that the guys at CERN didn't want graphics, it was that they wanted graphics done in a graceful, extendable way, kinda like OBJECT is done now. If we *truly* want standards compliance, we can't be cheerleaders and just look the other way when our favorite company doesn't play by the rules. We have to hold everyone to the same standards.