New Music, and IE News

Monday February 22nd, 1999

More music to code by this week - just click the link at right. Also, news that Microsoft has started its "Countdown to Internet Explorer 5". No news on their site regarding IE5 standards compliance; curiously, that's the one enhancement that they really don't address. Will they have a complete CSS1 implementation? My guess: Microsoft is going to play up UI enhancements, downplay standards compliance (because they won't be 100% compliant even with CSS1). When confronted regarding compliance, they will, with spin a dervish would envy, manage to place the blame squarely on Netscape for *IE* not being CSS1 compliant. If you recall, they did just that only four months ago.

#7 Funny Survey!

by -=Yusuf=- <>

Tuesday February 23rd, 1999 12:18 PM

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I followed that link on the IE homepage that led to the MS survey. They came up with some interesting results. Firstly they registered over 600,000 downloads, but apparently only 1,200 of these enthusiastic beta-testers decided to submit their opinion about IE. Is anyone else thinking that MS went through the survey results with a fine-tooth comb, removing "inconvenient" opinions from however many of the 598,800 other people who voted?

And then of course there's this testimonial which is so pat and slick that this guy *must* have been paid to say it:

"I've enjoyed taking advantage of the IntelliSense functionality in Office for years," said Douglas Rohm, a network administrator in the software development industry. "I'm pleased that Microsoft has brought this technology to the browser to make complex tasks easier and common tasks faster. My time online now is more productive, allowing me to reap the full benefits of the Web."

"Reap the full benefits of the Web"?? A MS phrase if there ever was one. I wonder what Mr Rohm's bank account is like about now......