New Music, and IE News

Monday February 22nd, 1999

More music to code by this week - just click the link at right. Also, news that Microsoft has started its "Countdown to Internet Explorer 5". No news on their site regarding IE5 standards compliance; curiously, that's the one enhancement that they really don't address. Will they have a complete CSS1 implementation? My guess: Microsoft is going to play up UI enhancements, downplay standards compliance (because they won't be 100% compliant even with CSS1). When confronted regarding compliance, they will, with spin a dervish would envy, manage to place the blame squarely on Netscape for *IE* not being CSS1 compliant. If you recall, they did just that only four months ago.

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by Jim Lee

Tuesday February 23rd, 1999 10:06 AM

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Kosh - Even though MS gets its browser out first, I don't think it will have that dramatic of an impact since IE will be bundled with NT and 98 anyway. Developers know that Navigator is coming out and that it is a dramatic improvement over the old code (to say the least), and I think they're giong to love its standards-compliance.

It will be by pure brute marketing strength and power that MS can and will push IE forward. Not to say that IE 5 won't be a good browser, but 100 MB is just too much code bloat.

Funny thing about that ZDNet article - a link for it is found on the MS homepage. But I don't think people will pay too much attention to the article, as it was poorly researched and written. I'd like to see it get into the New York Times. It was naturally skewed to conveniently highlight one competitor's product over another.

So, supposing that IE actually is a Windows upgrade, when was the last time we did not have to pay for an OS upgrade (excluding Linux)? How is it that we still pay $90 or however much for another upgrade of Windows? The marketing contradictions astound me. I have to admit though, the marketing team at MS should be given gold medals for the job they've done.

Just a few thoughts...