New Music, and IE News

Monday February 22nd, 1999

More music to code by this week - just click the link at right. Also, news that Microsoft has started its "Countdown to Internet Explorer 5". No news on their site regarding IE5 standards compliance; curiously, that's the one enhancement that they really don't address. Will they have a complete CSS1 implementation? My guess: Microsoft is going to play up UI enhancements, downplay standards compliance (because they won't be 100% compliant even with CSS1). When confronted regarding compliance, they will, with spin a dervish would envy, manage to place the blame squarely on Netscape for *IE* not being CSS1 compliant. If you recall, they did just that only four months ago.

#20 Re:New Music, and IE News

by Tekhir

Wednesday February 24th, 1999 9:47 PM

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Well, 100 Mbs is for everything I think Ms mention you can download only certian pieces which would make it smalle, but I think its still bull.

Has anyone made a layer with in a layer within a layer. I did this just to see some neat features of css. It took me a while to get it to look right in NS and it took even long to make it look right in IE. This is NS 4 and IE 4 and the page was all correct in terms of standards yet IE had to be helped along. Until I tried this I always thought IE had better and more support of css, now I know this isn't the case.