Mozilla to Form Major Component of Sun Java Desktop System

Tuesday September 16th, 2003

Sun Microsystems today unveiled its Java Desktop System, which will feature Mozilla 1.4 as a major component. Formerly known as Project Mad Hatter, Sun's new software is a complete enterprise desktop solution based on Linux and GNOME. It will cost $100 per user when it ships in December this year, or $50 if bought as an add-on to the Java Enterprise System. As well as Mozilla, the desktop environment also features the StarOffice 7 office suite (also announced today), the Evolution personal information manager (complete with a connector for the Sun ONE Calendar Server), the Jabber instant messaging system and RealPlayer streaming media software. As you might expect, the Java 2 Platform Standard Edition 1.4.2 is included, though the desktop environment as a whole is not Java-based.

#8 aha, this is how the SUN-story goes - interesting

by mhonline

Wednesday September 17th, 2003 6:32 AM

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Sun is wanting it!! And I waited for stuff like this for months. However it does not make sense to go with it, esp. as a desktop-solution - in a company or even in a SOHO-environment - until you have it out of the box and working. I am not sure, whether it is fair to use opensource-projects like this, but it they want and will give the support that is nessessary, it might be fair to the user.

For me the most impressing is, how they learnt at SUN: Office-solutions without JAVA: YES !! JAVA as an option: thats okay (thats Java enough) Nothing from SUN will do it into small nets, when the use of Java is MUST. But in in this way: I will have an eye on it Martin