Mozilla to Form Major Component of Sun Java Desktop System

Tuesday September 16th, 2003

Sun Microsystems today unveiled its Java Desktop System, which will feature Mozilla 1.4 as a major component. Formerly known as Project Mad Hatter, Sun's new software is a complete enterprise desktop solution based on Linux and GNOME. It will cost $100 per user when it ships in December this year, or $50 if bought as an add-on to the Java Enterprise System. As well as Mozilla, the desktop environment also features the StarOffice 7 office suite (also announced today), the Evolution personal information manager (complete with a connector for the Sun ONE Calendar Server), the Jabber instant messaging system and RealPlayer streaming media software. As you might expect, the Java 2 Platform Standard Edition 1.4.2 is included, though the desktop environment as a whole is not Java-based.

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by zookqvalem

Wednesday September 17th, 2003 5:59 AM

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Yea, saw this article at yesterday before this one came out on Mozillazine. You can find it at <…16/> if you're interested. I wouldn't want to buy it when it mention that it cost $50 per user per year. But then when it mentioned about $100 for a purchase, that sound so much better. I have decided I wouldn't buy it anyway. As long as I can download a free linux like Red Hat for example then this is where I will stick to.