Huge Majority of MozillaZine's Readers Visit for the News

Monday September 15th, 2003

As part of our fifth anniversary celebrations, we asked you what your main reason is for visiting MozillaZine. 1,579 people responded with a massive 75% saying that they visit to get information about Mozilla releases and other important project news. Meanwhile, 6% of you come to the site to keep up with third-party projects and other less mainstream aspects of Mozilla development. People looking for links to Mozilla-related media articles or other pages about Mozilla make up 4% of our readership. Given the activity in the MozillaZine Forums, we were surprised that just 3% of you said your number one reason for visiting is to take part in Mozilla discussions. Finally, only 1% of MozillaZine's visitors come primarily to read the MozillaZine Weblogs and a rather high 8% of you just want to vote in useless polls.

Obviously, we value that 8% very highly, so here's another poll for you to enjoy. We want you to tell us which forthcoming Mozilla release you are looking forward to the most. Maybe you're eagerly anticipating the Mozilla 1.4.1 update. Perhaps you're holding out for the more major changes in Mozilla 1.5. Can you not wait to get your hands on Mozilla Firebird 0.7 or Mozilla Thunderbird 0.3? Or maybe you pine for an update to the Camino browser for Mac OS X. Tell us which release you're itching for the most and check the latest results to see which version everyone else is waiting for.

#19 Layout differences, + What I Want

by leafdigital

Wednesday September 17th, 2003 2:22 AM

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Well, that's good (and I do appreciate the work you/everyone does on layout), but I presume these mainly just add up to performance improvements? Or maybe some small standards fixes...

Actually, there would be one performance improvement that would make a real difference over 1.4, which would be making Mozilla (win32) come back into memory more quickly when it's been swapped out - it could pause for up to 30 seconds sometimes (on a 1.4 GHz machine) Maybe this kind of footprint improvement has in fact happened, maybe that's part of what you achieved in layout, I'm not sure yet (I've only just switched to a nightly build).

As for the What I Want, (a) I know nobody cares, but (b) a few people did ask so here you go.

The main things I have been waiting for in Mozilla (the browser) would probably be as follows:

* configurable bookmarks (right-click on menu to delete) - Firebird has this, Mozilla is unlikely to get it because who'd waste time back-porting to the outdated platform

* SVG support (which actually works, up to standard of adobe's plugin or apache's engine)

Obviously neither of these will happen in 1.5 and in fact I don't see either of them happening in the time while the application suite is still 'primary'.

The main things I am waiting for in Firebird are:

* support for those who don't like tabbed browsing (i.e. option to make middle button open new windows instead of tabs)

* better support for installing extensions - this should be handled entirely within the application, with full versioning so that you are only offered compatible extensions, rather than just dumping you to a random webpage. (Same applies to themes)

* some kind of sanity with respect to preferences - yes, cutting down preferences was a good idea but *advanced preferences are also a good idea*. That means *organised* preferences, not the about: URL, and it means they should come with default not as an extension. You shouldn't need to install an extension to access minority but not bizarre preferences that the browser already actually supports (see above request re middle button).

* now that key functionality is being moved to extensions (which is a fine idea), need to take control of those extensions so that a core set of extensions are (a) fully supported so that you can guarantee they will be updated with each major release and they will not conflict with each other, (b) easily available as checkbox items for automatic download as part of the installer

* the browser should not crash like 0.6 did.