LinuxPlanet Article About ActiveState Komodo

Sunday September 14th, 2003

grayrest writes: "LinuxPlanet has an article on Komodo, ActiveState's Mozilla-based IDE. The article doesn't say much about the Mozilla aspect of things, it focuses more on introducing the IDE to people who have never heard of the program."

#3 Will there ever been an open source IDE?

by hem

Monday September 15th, 2003 8:59 AM

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Wondering if there will ever be an IDE where one can develop applications based on Mozilla? Which is open source, of course. Along the spirit of glade, kdevelop, but can develop applications on both windows/osX/linux without much of code change, along the lines of Qt and it's IDE. The only other one I can see is Kylix, but who is using Kylix these days? A mozilla based one would have been so good. But then, can mozilla deliver?

This is my first posting, and wanted to comment on this website. Guys, you rock! Keep up the good work. I want to have the traffic like slashdot in the near future! . Regards, Hem Ramachandran