Mozilla Adds Support for Internet Protocol Version 6 on Windows

Saturday September 13th, 2003

Mathew McBride writes: "People who wish to use something other than IE on Windows for IPv6 surfing can now use Mozilla. Bug 175340 has been marked RESOLVED FIXED. For people on Win2k/XP/2003 who don't have IPv6 installed, open a command prompt and run ipv6 install. You will also need to install the loopback adapter if you don't have a connected network interface." Microsoft's website has a section about Internet Protocol Version 6 with information and downloads.

#22 IPv6 doesn't work in W2K

by jordipalet <>

Sunday December 14th, 2003 2:17 AM

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I believe that this has not been fixed.

I just installed in my Windows 2000, SP4, and is not working, while IE6.0 works (with IPv6 I mean, of course).

Can someone confirm ?