Mozilla Adds Support for Internet Protocol Version 6 on Windows

Saturday September 13th, 2003

Mathew McBride writes: "People who wish to use something other than IE on Windows for IPv6 surfing can now use Mozilla. Bug 175340 has been marked RESOLVED FIXED. For people on Win2k/XP/2003 who don't have IPv6 installed, open a command prompt and run ipv6 install. You will also need to install the loopback adapter if you don't have a connected network interface." Microsoft's website has a section about Internet Protocol Version 6 with information and downloads.

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by wvh <>

Saturday September 13th, 2003 12:08 PM

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I've been using ipv6 already for a very long time with mozilla. In Linux, though. It works quite well, which can't always be said about ipv6 connectivity, although that's improving drastically now.

My ipv6-over-ipv4 tunnel is sometimes faster than my native ipv4 connection, which places too many hops and redirections between myself and international targets... My /48 (2^80 ips) subnet is connected to a big internet hub with abundant peering agreements, even when my provider once again fucks up my ipv4 connectivity at the border routers, I can still reach the internet through ipv6.

I just wish that more people would experiment and use ipv6. The internet was meant to be interconnectable, now we have ugly kludges like NAT, DHCP and firewalled lower ports which make it impossible to have access to the files on your computer from wherever you want. In some ways, the internet is going backwards, and I'm hoping ipv6 connectivity will improve some of these problems. At least, now with ipv6 I can connect to my computers at home from everywhere (ofcourse, through a firewall for security reasons), which makes the internet at least twice as useful. Think about it.