New Mozilla Thunderbird Roadmap Published

Saturday September 13th, 2003

Following the release of Mozilla Thunderbird 0.2, an updated Thunderbird Roadmap has been published. The document outlines the near-term development plans for the standalone mail and newsgroups application and includes details about the forthcoming 0.3 milestone. This release, which will primarily be a bugfix update, will ship at the same time as Mozilla 1.5 and from the same branch. Thunderbird changes made on the trunk will become part of Thunderbird 0.4.

#2 Re: Released as one?

by mlefevre

Saturday September 13th, 2003 10:26 AM

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Well that kind of thing belongs in the Mozilla roadmap rather than the Thunderbird roadmap, and a new Mozilla roadmap is being worked on.

But given that it looks like they're sticking to the standard timetable and want releases to be ready to replace the app suite, Mozilla 1.6 alpha will be released in October and there's no way they'll get a Firebird+Thunderbird+other bits bundle ready in that time...