Apprunner arrives!

Friday February 19th, 1999

Apprunner, the future of Navigator, is now included in the nightly builds from The new UI is in place and is quickly being brought up to speed. RDF/XUL are now in place and working, and the toolbars are now appearing, pictures and all, with everything but the bookmarks and What's Related buttons working.

Along with this, we have updated our fetchBuilds section so that you get the latest working builds from Before, if a build broke, the link to the latest build also broke, and you would have to dig around the older builds for the last built binary.

#1 Re:Apprunner arrives!

by Geoff Rivell

Friday February 19th, 1999 2:54 PM

Do the Linux builds still require GTK 1.1.x, or can they work on GTK 1.0.x as well?

#2 Re:Apprunner arrives!

by Mohamed Samy

Friday February 19th, 1999 3:15 PM

can't wait to sink my teeth in it :-)

#3 Re:Apprunner arrives!

by Tekhir

Friday February 19th, 1999 3:57 PM

Ahhh! I'm getting drool all my keyboard.

#4 Re:Apprunner arrives!

by Benjy Thomas

Friday February 19th, 1999 5:05 PM

New Screenshots?

#5 Re:Apprunner arrives!

by bloviate

Friday February 19th, 1999 6:53 PM

I too would like to see some new screenshots -- especially of the positioning:fixed examples.

#6 Re:Apprunner arrives!

by Mad

Friday February 19th, 1999 9:04 PM

I wish I could try it live. Goddamn proxy! Can anyone testify as to the speed of the beast?

#7 Re:Apprunner arrives!

by Waldo

Saturday February 20th, 1999 5:36 AM

AppRunner's been in the mac build for quite a while, hasn't it?


#8 Re:Apprunner arrives!

by Ian Davis

Saturday February 20th, 1999 7:48 AM

I managed to get Mozilla to run through a proxy ny copying my prefs.js from my user directory to the Mozilla\bin directory (on Win32). It definately seems faster than NN4/IE5

#9 Re:Apprunner arrives!

by Martin Willemoes Hansen

Sunday February 21st, 1999 3:05 PM

Sounds just damn cool! GNU/Linux rocks too much as well does Free software in general!

#10 Re:Apprunner arrives!

by sdm

Sunday February 21st, 1999 9:16 PM

You can find screenshots of apprunner and css fixed positioning here: enjoy!

#11 Re:Apprunner arrives!

by Sazma

Monday February 22nd, 1999 2:52 PM

M$ has started the "Countdown to IE5" where is mozilla? Don't get me wrong, I'm a NS fan! I just wanna know if we have a long or a short way to go...