Whatever Happened to the "Webtop"?

Thursday September 10th, 1998

Chase Philips writes in with a question: "Whatever happened to the desktop overlay (Webtop or HomePort - Ed.) that was supposed to be integrated into Communicator? Did that idea get shelved? If it did, it needs to come back down and get put in Mozilla. Even though this would be [very] complex to complete, it would be well worth the effort!"

I have to admit that I'm unsure what became of the "Webtop". I believe that some of the functionality got melded into the "NetCaster" app, but that's all I know. Could anyone else out there enlighten us?

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by Jason Kersey <>

Thursday September 10th, 1998 2:16 PM

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From what I've read, Netcaster has not been put on the shelf at all. It has gone right to the trash. While it was a good idea at the time, it really was not a very good application, and was put together too quickly to be properly tested. It was buggy and it hogged system resources. While the actual desktop overlay is gone, you can actually find a lot of the items in Aurora, that were supposed to be in the now (I think) dead Constellation. This includes viewing files on the local OS, advanced/smart browsing and so on. Check out a binary and use the bookmarks, history and smartbrowsing features for a while and I think you'll like it.

I believe that Netcaster is already dead, as it is very hard to actually get to Netscape's pages on it, and it was not in PR1 of 4.5.

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