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Thursday September 11th, 2003 driver Chris Hofmann has posted a newsgroup message outlining the schedule for Mozilla 1.5. Two release candidates are planned, with the final builds set to come out during the week commencing September 29th.

#22 Re: Re: Problematic behavior with tab groups

by Ark42

Friday September 12th, 2003 10:18 AM

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Because I don't want to ever worry about the thing not working in future versions, so until a version matching the version of the rest of the programs comes in the same installer, I won't use it. When the switch to Thunderbird and Firebird is complete and the Suite is no more, I expect to be able to download one installer that contains both Thunderbird and Firebird, as well as DOM Inspecter and Chatzilla, and have a nice little list of checkboxes where I can check that I want to install these extensions, so that I am guarenteed they will work with the version of the main program they are extending, and so I never ever have to go hunting for them to re-download after each upgrade of the main programs. I really dont care how integrated or separated the code is, I just want them all distributed in one installer, because I'm not ever going to hunt down more files every time I download a new version of Mozilla.