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Thursday September 11th, 2003 driver Chris Hofmann has posted a newsgroup message outlining the schedule for Mozilla 1.5. Two release candidates are planned, with the final builds set to come out during the week commencing September 29th.

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by mlefevre

Friday September 12th, 2003 9:50 AM

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ok, so what I said was an exaggeration, but I still think development has slowed.

and you can prove anything with statistics...

"In June there were 48 not-netscape people landing code, in July there were 63 and in August there were 67."

In June there were 35 netscape people landing code, in July there were 24, and in August there were 7 (if I'm counting right).

And that's just counting the volume of code changes - I've seen several people mention the reduction in technical QA stuff. I'd have to doubt the leaps in stability too - seem to be quite a few crash bugs floating around.

Anyway... you've convinced me that development isn't slowing as much as I thought...