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Thursday September 11th, 2003 driver Chris Hofmann has posted a newsgroup message outlining the schedule for Mozilla 1.5. Two release candidates are planned, with the final builds set to come out during the week commencing September 29th.

#10 A spellchecker. That's it.

by leafdigital

Friday September 12th, 2003 2:08 AM

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I hate spellcheckers for email, always turn them off, and don't use Mozilla for mail anyway. Apart from that, at least according to the release notes, it is basically just bugfixes/performance stuff. (Well, they claim to have improved Chatzilla - not exactly a challenge, since simply binning it would be a huge improvement.)

Maybe the performance/fixes, plus spellchecker, are a big enough deal to merit the 1.5 tag but I don't know... I think now there is much less development as far as features are concerned on the app suite (assuming that's the case? I don't actually know) it might be better to back off the 'release a new version every few months even if we haven't actually done anything' strategy, instead perhaps releasing less often or only when significant features have been achieved.

Then again, maybe that's what they're doing; obviously some people do think a spell-checker is an important feature, and there must be some poor bastards who use Chatzilla as well.

By the way I want to clarify that I'm not bitching or anything, I didn't pay for this and I'm not doing any work for it either. Nobody appears to have done any features I want for this release, but that's fair enough since I am one of that 'nobody' who hasn't done anything. Just seems to me that, for a .1 version increment which would usually suggest new features (rather than a .0.1 increment which would suggest bugfixes and minor performance tweaks), those release notes look a little thin. That's all.