French Ministry of Agriculture Switches to Mozilla Mail

Thursday September 11th, 2003

Hervé, Bruno and Pierre from the French MozillaZine write: "The MozillaZine-FR staff are pleased to announce that the French Ministry of Agriculture has chosen Mozilla Mail for replacing Netscape Messenger 4.7. Outlook and Netscape 7 have been considered, but Mozilla has been preferred for its immunity to viruses and its licensing model. Tests have been run this Summer and Mozilla will be deployed in Q3 on every machine at the Ministry offices." MozillaZine-FR has a French article about the switch.

#6 German Federal Foreign Office switched to Moz...

by wschueler

Thursday September 11th, 2003 10:12 AM

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According to heise-online - <…ker/data/jk-18.08.03-002/> (article in German) - about the German Federal Foreign Office's migration from Windows to Linux servers - the ministry also migrated its browser and mail client to Mozilla (probably they have used Netscape 4.x before, it's not mentioned). Noticable because they could use Microsoft products - Windows XP and MS Office runs on the ministry's PCs.