Mozilla Branches for 1.5

Wednesday September 10th, 2003

A short time ago, a branch was cut for the forthcoming Mozilla 1.5 milestone and the trunk opened for 1.6 checkins. To ensure stability, checkins to the branch require approval from The Mozilla 1.5 Tinderbox shows the latest branch status, while the SeaMonkey Tinderbox provides a similar service for the trunk. See the Mozilla Development Roadmap for more about trees, trunks and branches.

#8 Re: Talked about

by Hymagumba

Thursday September 18th, 2003 10:52 AM

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I'd have to go along with the 2.0 idea. From a marketing point of view a big change in the "user experience" should be pushed. A lot of people I know think of Mozilla as the clunky NS6 design so showing it off as a revamped and simplified program would be beneficial to end users.

Plus when have no changes to the back end stopped Microsoft upping their product numbers. IE6 anyone?