Mozilla Branches for 1.5

Wednesday September 10th, 2003

A short time ago, a branch was cut for the forthcoming Mozilla 1.5 milestone and the trunk opened for 1.6 checkins. To ensure stability, checkins to the branch require approval from The Mozilla 1.5 Tinderbox shows the latest branch status, while the SeaMonkey Tinderbox provides a similar service for the trunk. See the Mozilla Development Roadmap for more about trees, trunks and branches.

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by Kommet

Thursday September 11th, 2003 6:54 PM

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This was discussed and actually would be a fairly reasonable "marketing" decision, as it would indicate to end users that Mozilla has had a major change.

One of the big arguements against it is that the overall architecture has been slowly evolving and the major APIs (for embedding and such) have remained stable. The people/organizations developing from the 1.x line could then be safely assume it maintains most of its compatability across future releases.

Aye, and therein lies the rub. Make a "marketing" statement to draw attention of the press and peoples or make version numbers derive mostly from developers' needs?