Mozilla Branches for 1.5

Wednesday September 10th, 2003

A short time ago, a branch was cut for the forthcoming Mozilla 1.5 milestone and the trunk opened for 1.6 checkins. To ensure stability, checkins to the branch require approval from The Mozilla 1.5 Tinderbox shows the latest branch status, while the SeaMonkey Tinderbox provides a similar service for the trunk. See the Mozilla Development Roadmap for more about trees, trunks and branches.

#3 Re: Clarification....

by mlefevre

Thursday September 11th, 2003 5:09 AM

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The 1.x series won't "stop" as such - what is planned is that Firebird etc will replace the App suite as the front-end for the 1.x series.

Remember that the majority of code isn't the front-end you see, but the back-end stuff, and that is common to the Mozilla suite, Firebird, Thunderbird (and also Camino, Galeon, Epiphany etc etc). 1.x is only a "dead-end" in terms of the front end, and the front end for 1.5 hasn't really changed since 1.4 (it's also possible that the app suite UI could be continue to be maintained even after it's been replaced by Firebird for the primary focus of the builds)

It's only confusing because you are thinking about these things as separate applications. When this says "Mozilla branches", it means the whole code tree, not just the app suite part - Firebird and Thunderbird code is also part of this, and the plan is for Firebird 0.7 and Thunderbird 0.3 to also be released from this branch as well.

Having said all that, given that we are supposed to be focusing more on end-users, it would be good if the Mozilla folks established some firmer plans and updated the roadmap so that the end-users that are following the development process understand what is going on (not to mention the developers having some clue about the future)