Donation Challenge Aims to Get Mozilla Ported to Pocket PC

Tuesday September 9th, 2003

ParkerPS writes: "A new donation challenge has been made over at to port Mozilla over to the Pocket PC PDA platform. The requirement is just to port over the browser component and add some PDA specific features." A similar donation effort was launched a few months ago to get Mozilla ported to the Amiga.

#1 momozilla

by jilles

Tuesday September 9th, 2003 10:45 PM

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A mobile version of mozilla might not be a bad idea at all. Currently most of the alternatives are proprietary. Additionally, XHTML is being pushed as the standard for mobile. Of course nobody seems to care about standards so there are already discussions on levels of compliance that are really needed etc.

So why not make a mobile mozilla and make sure it supports all major mobile operating systems (pocket pc, symbian, various embedded linux flavours, maybe even palmos)?