Fred Langa Newsletter Features Mozilla Thunderbird

Monday September 8th, 2003

Fabiano Guilherme de Souza (from Brazil) wrote in to tell us that the latest edition of The LangaList, the email newsletter from freelance tech journalist Fred Langa, features a piece about Mozilla Thunderbird. Acting on a tip from a reader, Langa explains Thunderbird's goals and briefly discusses the history of the Mozilla project (though he gets a few details wrong).

#5 10 errors in 9 words

by galio

Monday September 8th, 2003 6:44 PM

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Hey... these confusing articles only make assimilated people ven more skeptical about Mozilla... 1) Mozilla always was Netscape´s Codename, even when the end-user product was renamed to Netscape (only in the 0.7x versions it was called Mozilla). 2) It refers to M$IE as Mosaic/Mozilla!!... In the worst case, M$IE is an illegal and deform copy of the original Mosaic, but it has nothing to do with our loved NS, whose spirit must not be insulted 3) That of putting Mozilla to it wasn´t because of any marketing reason, as the article suggests 4) The source code was released before AOL boutght NS 5) The only thing that changed after the release of the source code was that now it was OpenSourcem but Mozilla continued to be something like Netscape´s codename during beta releases (say what you want, but, at least for the NS point of view, this is real) 6) It talks of Firebird as if it were SeaMonkey!!, or the codename of the next SeaMonkey release (as it refers to it as non-standalone apps)