Fred Langa Newsletter Features Mozilla Thunderbird

Monday September 8th, 2003

Fabiano Guilherme de Souza (from Brazil) wrote in to tell us that the latest edition of The LangaList, the email newsletter from freelance tech journalist Fred Langa, features a piece about Mozilla Thunderbird. Acting on a tip from a reader, Langa explains Thunderbird's goals and briefly discusses the history of the Mozilla project (though he gets a few details wrong).

#4 Re: "wrong details"....

by FattMattP

Monday September 8th, 2003 6:23 PM

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> In this piece, one is obvious to me (AOL bought > Netscape after the source code was released)

He never said that. What he said was "'Mozilla' eventually became Netscape, which later got eaten by AOL, which then released the Netscape browser source code to the Open Source community, which used it to produce a new, reborn Mozilla browser."

That statement is 100% correct. "Mozilla" was the internal working name for browser at Mosaic Comminications Corporation. MCC later renamed itself Netscape and released the browser under the name Netscape Communicator. AOL bought Netscape and then released the source code. It was decided to call the project and the browser Mozilla.

All of that was clearly explained in his article.