Fred Langa Newsletter Features Mozilla Thunderbird

Monday September 8th, 2003

Fabiano Guilherme de Souza (from Brazil) wrote in to tell us that the latest edition of The LangaList, the email newsletter from freelance tech journalist Fred Langa, features a piece about Mozilla Thunderbird. Acting on a tip from a reader, Langa explains Thunderbird's goals and briefly discusses the history of the Mozilla project (though he gets a few details wrong).

#2 Good idea!

by RobertM

Monday September 8th, 2003 2:08 PM

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Nice idea with the errata page--sounds good to me. :) I was actually kind of shocked this morning when I read the column from Fred, of all people, but at least he got the important stuff right. I suppose not everyone has followed Mozilla as closely as us.

Another thing that seems to get confused a lot is the relationship between Mozilla and Netscape--which various other factors (Netscape used to actually be called Mozilla, etc.) cause to be even more confusing. And then we move into the *Birds... :)