MozillaPL Releases Polish Versions of Mozilla 1.5 Beta and Mozilla Thunderbird 0.2

Sunday September 7th, 2003

marcoos writes: " has just released a Polish version of the Mozilla Application Suite 1.5b. This release (like previous builds) comes bundled with mouse gestures and a nice tool for tweaking hidden preferences — MozTweak. Complete builds are available for Linux/i686 and Windows platforms. Users of other platforms (or those who already have Mozilla 1.5b, but without the Polish translation) can install Polish language, region and add-on packs. To download MozillaPL 1.5b, just go to the MozillaPL Releases Page.

" has also released a Polish version of the Mozilla Thunderbird 0.2 mail and news client, available for Windows and Linux/i686. These two builds can be downloaded from the MozillaPL Releases Page."

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by AlexBishop <>

Sunday September 7th, 2003 12:46 PM

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"Not a useful answer."

Well that's a shame because it happens to be the correct one.

We'd post news about the Tamil version of Mozilla <> if it was submitted. They're useful for international readers. If it ever escalates to the situation where there are so many stories about translations that they begin to drown out the other articles then we would review this, perhaps introducing a weekly round-up of new translations or something. In any case, news about translations is not going away.